Custom Blanket
Custom Blanket

Custom Blanket

Regular price $35.00

This blanket is made of silky minky fleece and has a luster like velvet.

Measures 50"x60". Backside is white. Please allow 5 business days for fulfillment 

Environmental impact:

I always hope my customers will use my products for as long as possible. A lot of animal shelters are always in need of old blankets, so you can donate blankets past their prime. This blanket is 100% polyester meaning it should last you a long time, and can be recycled easily in the textile industry to make other things. Recycling clothing and other textiles is easier than you think! Check out where you can recycle damaged items here 

These blankets ship in partially recycled poly-mailers and sleeves that can be dropped off to recycle with plastic bags. (your local grocery store is a good bet) 

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