Lantern Bunny
Lantern Bunny

Lantern Bunny

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The story:

Looking out my window before closing the blinds, I noticed small lights weaving through the fields. I tip-toed down the creaky stairs and felt the dewy grass under my feet. Now a glowing haze above the sugarcane, I chased the lights until I saw her. A prancing bunny in a silk kimono. Our eyes caught each other for a moment, and then she was gone. The lights danced up the mountainside until they joined the stars.


This is a print of my original painting is on archival quality smooth printing paper. It is made to resist fading. 

I know it is important to both of us that your print arrive in excellent condition, so I've packed them with sturdy backing boards, with cello sleeve inside a rigid art mailer. All of these packing items are made of recycled materials and are recyclable! 

If you'd like insurance with your order, please choose priority shipping at checkout!

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