Custom Animal Character

Custom Animal Character

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I can create a custom character for you of your favorite animal, or inspired by a pet! If it is inspired by a pet, send me some photos and any helpful information about your pet's personality and I will create a storybook character version of your pet. :) These illustrations are mixed media (I use watercolor, colored pencil, marker and pen) 

Please select the size you would like and email photos of your pet to for reference!  Please let me know if you would also like your pet's name included. Each portrait is created with great attention to detail, making sure that the essence of your fur baby is portrayed beautifully!

I will send you a photo of the sketch for your approval before completing the illustration. 

Lead time for portraits being shipped is 3 weeks. 

Returns are not accepted on custom items, but if you have any concerns upon receiving your custom order, be sure to email me at right away to have the issue corrected. These portraits are created for your happiness, and if you aren't happy I will do what I can to make your portrait just what you'd like! Please be as detailed as you would like in your requests for the portrait, so I can create something that not only reaches but hopefully surpasses your expectations. :)


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