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The packaging of items I fulfill myself like prints, tea towels, stationery, stickers and pins is 100% recycled and/or recyclable/biodegradable. I also reuse packaging whenever I can, because what is prettier than well-branded packaging? A healthy planet!

Once my current round of shipping labels is used, I am transitioning to a zero waste option where both the label and the liner it comes on is curbside recyclable.

Any recycled bubble mailers or re-used bubble wrap you receive your order in can be recycled in drop-off bins at your local grocery or target!

Mugs and larger posters (12x16") are shipped from my print-on-demand partner who is not yet up to my standards for packaging, but they are working on it. The changes they made in 2020 reduced their plastic use in packaging by 38,325 lbs.

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