Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over $70 USD

FAQ & Policies


International Shipping

Do you ship internationally? Yes

How much is international shipping? To make my work more accessible for international fans, I offer a $10 USD discounted rate (for first class mail which includes tracking but no insurance). This is actually less than the postal service charges.

How long do international shipments take? First class is supposed to be 7-21 days according to USPS. However, depending on how long your country likes to hold things at their sorting facility upon arrival, it may be more time.

I ordered something internationally, its been one month and it hasn't arrived!? Usually customs in your country is holding on to it still for whatever reason. Once a package was being held at a customer's local post office (in Russia) for no reason, it had been there for a month. She contacted them and was able to pick it up. If you are worried about your order, check the tracking and contact your local delivery service before contacting me. Orders are not always trackable once they leave the US. 

Do I have to pay customs fees? Yes, the customer is responsible for customs fees upon the item's entry into your country. Every country is different, and you may not be charged these fees.

Damages or Loss in Transit

If my order arrives damaged, can I get my money back? After being in business for over 3 years, I have tested a lot of packaging materials and finally settled on packaging that is virtually un-bendable. This being said, if you are still concerned about about it, please choose priority shipping at checkout so that you can have insurance on your order. I would like to ask all customers to purchase priority shipping around the holidays, as the postal service seems to be very careless at that time of year. If it does come bent, you can file a claim at the USPS website and hopefully get your money back. First Class shipping while the more inexpensive option does not offer insurance on your package. 

What about if my item is lost? When I ship an order, I hug it goodbye and place it in the hands of the postal service. If you purchased Priority shipping, you can file a claim with USPS on their website using your tracking number. If you did not purchase priority shipping, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done besides re-ordering your product :( I'm a small business and can't afford to replace lost items.


Can I return my order for a refund? Clothing cannot be returned as these items are made for each order and are not stocked. If the item arrives damaged please contact me. For all other items, as long as it is not damaged, discontinued or custom, you can return it. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Please resend it in the original packaging with all backing boards (if applicable). If the original packaging is not intact after opening, please select a comparable mailer and ship via priority mail with insurance. When I receive it, you'll get your refund :)

Shipping Supplies eco-friendliness

Are your packaging supplies zero waste? When you receive your order, you can recycle or compost all the packing supplies. All paper packaging is 100% recycled and prints are in clear plant-based plastic sleeves that are compostable. 

*If you order a tote, mug or canvas these are shipped from my printing partner and their packaging is at least in part, made of recycled materials. All of it can be recycled or composted.  


  • Do you offer custom work? Yes, I offer custom artwork of animals and animal characters. However, I am occasionally sold out, so check to see if my custom listings are available. 
  • Can I see a sketch of the portrait before you complete it? yes
  • Can you paint more than one pet on a portrait? Yes, you must select the size you want, along with the number of pets. If you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to email me
  • If I don’t like my portrait can I return it? No one has asked this, but there are no returns on custom orders. I send a picture of the sketch and the final product for approval before shipping to make sure you're 100% happy before it ships.  
  • Can I get a discount for ordering multiple portraits? No, however if you want multiple pets in one portrait, it much less than multiple individual portraits. I do offer a discount for multiple plushies if the pets are in the same portrait.

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