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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to stop by! I am Sammie Clark, illustrator and story-teller. Each character I create has a story behind it and a dream to be found in the pages of a children's book. Along with children's book illustration and writing, I am interested in working with young adult literature and editorial illustration. I work primarily in watercolor, but like to mix in a bit of colored pencil and ink. 

I create my illustrations in my home studio in Cincinnati, Ohio where I am always entertained and inspired by the squirrels outside my window. Sometimes they even scale the brick walls of our victorian apartment building to come say hello to me in my solarium-turned-studio. My husband is a biologist and always pushes me to learn more about the natural world, which has had a big influence on the art I produce. His job has taken us to live next to an active volcano in Hawaii and the rolling hills of Oregon. Before our big move to Hawaii I had a pet rabbit named Pocket, who undoubtedly inspired the start of my anthropomorphized animal characters. 

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My clients include over 1,000 individuals from around the world who have purchased custom portraits, art prints and products. I'm also pleased to have been published with Thames and Hudson Australia in their book "Koala", featuring the work of a number of artists from various countries. 

If you are an art director or agent interested in working with me, please contact me via email . I would love to hear about your project. 

If you are an individual with a story you'd like me to illustrate, I ask that you send your finished manuscript on to a publisher and should they choose to publish your story, you can mention me to them and see if they're interested in bringing me into the project. I get many requests to illustrate stories from un-published writers, and I can only take on projects from writers who have gone through the necessary steps of getting a publisher on board with their project.

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