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Fancy Fauna Pot Holder
Fancy Fauna Pot Holder
Fancy Fauna Pot Holder

Fancy Fauna Pot Holder

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This pot holder has been made using remnant pieces of my fabric from other projects, in an effort to reduce waste! 

Measures approximately 8 inches.

Oven mitt materials:

100% cotton exterior

Interior comprised of 2 layers of cotton insulation & insul-bright insulation. Insul-bright insulation is intended for use in oven oven mitts and pot holders. It is heat resistant, not heat-proof. For handling items over 400 Degrees Fahrenheit, double up with another hot pad.

Wash and tumble dry. The crinkling sound of the Insul-Bright should diminish with washings.


Do not microwave pot holder, or place in oven. Insul-Bright lining contains a metallic and polyester layer, making them unsafe for use in a microwave and extended exposure to extreme temperatures. Product has not been treated for flame resistance. Use with care. 

***Sammie Clark Art waives any responsibility for damage to property or injury to person during use of this product. 

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