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Orca Original Painting on Canvas
Orca Original Painting on Canvas

Orca Original Painting on Canvas

Regular price $450.00

Orca with Gold metallic accent

8x10" One of a kind, landscape painting in acrylic paints. This is the original painting, not a print.

Original paintings always add a bit of authenticity and interest to any home. This painting is made to last, and to be enjoyed for generations to come. 


First class shipping worldwide is included in the price of this piece. This includes tracking, but NO INSURANCE against loss or damage in transit. I highly recommend that you upgrade to the Priority Shipping option, which will cover the insurance should anything happen to the painting in transit. 

Customs fees may apply upon entry into your country if you are outside of the US. These fees are determined by your local municipality, which I cannot predict. Customs fees are the responsibility of the customer.

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